Thursday, August 14, 2014

Those Moments When You Can Feel Your Heart Smiling

A little background. I have a five year old, well she is almost six, little girl. To make a long story short, she was severely delayed with her speech. She didn't say her first word until she was three. Yes, I took her to specialists and all that good stuff. Well, since, she was not talking or hardly talking, I knew she was not ready for kindergarten last year. So my husband and I sought the help of the local school district. They put us into contact with a psychologist and speech therapist. My little girl and I met with them and we agreed she was not ready for a regular kindergarten curriculum. We decided to put her in what you would call a self contained class. Basically, it's a special class where there are few students (ages K-2) with special needs are able to get one on one help with the teacher. So, yeah, it's Special Ed. We just don't like calling Special Ed.

So she started school and she did have a few problems adjusting. She had been in daycare previously,so she was used to being around other kids. After a while, she was able to become accustomed to her new class. Since, her biggest problem was her speech, she did have lots of speech therapy at school. Her communication was getting better, but it was not up to par with where someone in kindergarten should be. She was still behind.

Before you knew it, the school year came to a close and summer was here. Well, out of no where, this summer, a switch turned on, because my daughter was starting to talk in complete sentences and then before I knew it, she became a chatterbox. It was the craziest thing ever! Her older sister tells me, "Mom, she talks way too much!" I love it!

She will be in the same class as last year, as I still have some concerns regarding her maturity and development. Nothing too major, just little concerns. We are seeing a specialist in September. So anyhoo, I had to go enroll my girls in school yesterday. It was also meet the teacher day. We stopped by my other daughter's teacher and chit chatted for a while. After that, we went to visit my little girl's teacher (she was the same teacher from last year) The speech therapist and the assistant from last year were there too. You should have seen their eyes light up when they heard my little girl start talking. They could not believe it! They were so overfilled with joy. We were all just sitting there laughing and giggling, as she was telling us stories and just chattering non stop.

I can not tell you enough, how freaking proud I am of my little girl. I thank God each and every day for being there, especially in the darkest times.

Thank you for reading this long post ( I promise I didn't meant it to be that long. LOL) I just wanted to shout from the roof tops on how proud I am of my little girl and how far she has come.

My little munchkin!

My Latest OOTDs

I am not much of a fashionista. Since I am a SAHM and stay home most of the time, I usually wear t-shirts and lounge pants aka comfy clothes. There are times, though, when I like to doll myself up a bit. When I do dress up (ha ha) I like to wear classic, easy and effortless pieces. These following photos are from the last couple of weeks.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Insomnia Problem Solved!

If you haven't read it by now, I posted, earlier, that I was having difficulties falling asleep. Well, that night that I wrote that post, my body did its thing and I was able to actually fall asleep at a decent time that night and get some much needed sleep. I think a big part of it was, not trying to worry over every other little detail in my life. I could always come back to all of that stuff in the morning when I woke up.

I hope and pray this keeps up and I am able to get the best sleep I can get.

With that, I hope you all have a great night of sleep. Sweet dreams.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Most Hated Song As Of Now

Sorry to be negative, but this one song absolutely irritates the hell out of me. I mean I can't stand it. I hate it. I turn the station or cover my ears when I hear it.

So what is this song that puts me in a psychotic rage? (ok, not that psychotic, but you get the idea)

Oh, it would have to be one of the most popular songs of the Summer. When I hear it, my feelings are the exact opposite of the title? Can you guess it, yet?

Yes, that's correct. Happy by Pharrell Williams. I mean, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Pharrell, as I like a lot of his music. It's I just hate this particular song. It is played constantly and I just can't stand the peppy happy beat. It's like the Macrena and Who Let The Dogs Out all over again. Too much exposure. Enough!

Wow. I sound like Scrooge McDuck there.

Are there any songs you disliking are getting tired of hearing over and over again? Let me know in the comments.

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Me VS Insomnia

So I am sitting here, talking about insomnia, while drinking some coffee. Go figure. Anyhoo...

The last few days, I have been dealing with insomnia aka not being able to get to sleep. I don't what it is. When I shut everything off for the night, my brain decides to become fully alert and my mind is racing over every little detail you can think of.

I have tried numerous things to get to sleep, including sleeping pills, not eating or drinking before bed, and watching relaxing videos on YouTube or ASMR videos. I just can't get my mind to shut down for me to get some much needed sleep.

Do you have any tips on what I could do to get a decent night's sleep? I would love to hear them. Comment down below. Talk to you later.


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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How To Dress For Long Torso/Short Legs

I will be the first to admit, that I am no expert in the world of fashion. If it looks and fits and not too expensive, I buy it. I was never really one that paid attention to what looked good for my body type. However, recently, I have been studying my proportions. I have a long torso and short legs. In other words, pants/slacks are too long for me and blouses/shirts are too short on me. It's so wonderful that most retailers cater to long leg and short torso gals. Yay me. Some celebrity examples of long torsos and short legs are Rachel Bilson and Hayden Panettiere.

So I started reading some fashion blogs on how to dress for my body shape. I have learned high waisted bottoms are a must and say no to low waisted bottoms. Try to stick with dark bottoms to elongate your legs and wear dark color shoes. Turtle necks are a big no no, as they will elongate the torso. Capris and crops are also a big no no. They shorten the legs.

In this image, I am wearing my dark high waisted jeans from Nordstrom and dark heels from Target. Shirt is from Express. You can see how the dark jeans and the pointed heels make my legs appear to be longer.

In this image, I am wearing low waisted jeans from Kohls. Red heels from Target and top from Calvin Klein. If you notice, the jeans make my legs and the roundness of the heels make my legs look short and stubby.

From the two pictures, I posted above, you are able to tell what works for me and what I should steer clear of.

Let me know, if you have any other tips, I would love to hear from you. Leave your tips down below in the comments.
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Social

Three Favorite Songs:

1. Fancy. I admit it has a catchy, but I know I am going to hate it by the end of the summer due to the heavy rotation on the radio.

2. Problem by Ariana Grande.

3. Dark Horse

Three Favorite Movies That Remind You Of Summer:

1. Independence Day

2. Jurassic Park

3. Dirty Dancing

Three Favorite Articles of Clothing You Own:

1. My wedding dress. Duh.

2. My flat black boots that husband got me for our fifth anniversary. He did let me choose them.

3. My Bloomingdale's skirt that I got at a thrift store for five bucks. It was brand new and the original price tag was 80 bucks. This was over ten years and I still have that skirt.

Three Items on Your Wish List:

1. Hermes Birkin Only going to happen if I win the lottery jackpot and rob a bank. A girl can dream.

2. A black pair of Christian Louboutin heels. 

3. A new laptop.

Three Books You Recommend To Someone:

1. Paris by Edward Wutherfurd  If you like travel, adventure and history. Get this book. 

2. Technically, not A book, but everyone should own a complete set of encyclopedias or at least, go to the library and familiarize yourself with World Book Encyclopedia or Encyclopedia Brittanica.

3. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne A much better read than that 50 Shades crap.