Thursday, August 14, 2014

Those Moments When You Can Feel Your Heart Smiling

A little background. I have a five year old, well she is almost six, little girl. To make a long story short, she was severely delayed with her speech. She didn't say her first word until she was three. Yes, I took her to specialists and all that good stuff. Well, since, she was not talking or hardly talking, I knew she was not ready for kindergarten last year. So my husband and I sought the help of the local school district. They put us into contact with a psychologist and speech therapist. My little girl and I met with them and we agreed she was not ready for a regular kindergarten curriculum. We decided to put her in what you would call a self contained class. Basically, it's a special class where there are few students (ages K-2) with special needs are able to get one on one help with the teacher. So, yeah, it's Special Ed. We just don't like calling Special Ed.

So she started school and she did have a few problems adjusting. She had been in daycare previously,so she was used to being around other kids. After a while, she was able to become accustomed to her new class. Since, her biggest problem was her speech, she did have lots of speech therapy at school. Her communication was getting better, but it was not up to par with where someone in kindergarten should be. She was still behind.

Before you knew it, the school year came to a close and summer was here. Well, out of no where, this summer, a switch turned on, because my daughter was starting to talk in complete sentences and then before I knew it, she became a chatterbox. It was the craziest thing ever! Her older sister tells me, "Mom, she talks way too much!" I love it!

She will be in the same class as last year, as I still have some concerns regarding her maturity and development. Nothing too major, just little concerns. We are seeing a specialist in September. So anyhoo, I had to go enroll my girls in school yesterday. It was also meet the teacher day. We stopped by my other daughter's teacher and chit chatted for a while. After that, we went to visit my little girl's teacher (she was the same teacher from last year) The speech therapist and the assistant from last year were there too. You should have seen their eyes light up when they heard my little girl start talking. They could not believe it! They were so overfilled with joy. We were all just sitting there laughing and giggling, as she was telling us stories and just chattering non stop.

I can not tell you enough, how freaking proud I am of my little girl. I thank God each and every day for being there, especially in the darkest times.

Thank you for reading this long post ( I promise I didn't meant it to be that long. LOL) I just wanted to shout from the roof tops on how proud I am of my little girl and how far she has come.

My little munchkin!

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