Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Utter And Complete Fail At Applying False Lashes

Not to brag, but I have fairly nice lashes, that came preset with my eyes, so I never really gave much thought or attention to false lashes.

So, I start watching beauty gurus on YouTube and most of them wear false lashes with their eye looks. That's cool. A few years ago, I decided to give falsies a try. To make a long story short, it didn't work out quite so well and I quickly abandoned the project.

Fast forward a few years later to now. I am on Instagram and following people that are showcasing their eye looks. Of course, they are sporting falsies. I think, "Wow, that looks kind of neat, I should give false lashes another try." So I, religiously, start watching YouTube tutorials on the application of false lashes. After watching several videos, I told myself, "Ginger, I think this looks too much work than what it is worth." So I put it out of mind again.

So I was at Ulta and browsing, as I always do there. I came across the false lashes section. Previously, I would ignore this area. But, this time, I told myself to take a closer look. I then decided to try false lashes. I picked ones that seemed to be my best fit and some adhesive.

Because I love trying new things as soon as I get it my hands, I wanted immediately try my new lashes. I, gently, took off one of the bands from the package and measured it on my eyes.( Mind you I am following YouTube guidelines.) As my eyes are on the small side, I have to trim up the lashes. I trim and fit again. ( I did have to do this until I got the most ideal fit.) I apply the adhesive and let it set for 30 seconds to let it get tacky. After the 30 seconds, I attempted to place the lashes on my natural lashes. O.M.G. First of all, my natural lashes are long by themselves, so it was a major P.I.T.A. maneuvering the false lashes over my natural lashes. It was like to trying to scale a wall without the proper tools or equipment. So, after much prodding, I got the damn band close to my lash line. Ok. I took my fingers and tried to press the band onto my lash line. (Per the directions on YouTube) What they never tell you, is the lash glue may start sticking to your fingers. So here you are trying desperately to fingers off your lashes and not pull the lashes off, that you just spent an absolute long time placing. So, the lashes look like complete rubbish. I then think, "Perhaps today's make up, from earlier may be messing things up a bit. Continue with new paragraph...

I wash my face, make up and eye make up, so I would have a clean blank complete canvas to work with. I did all of the steps, as previously, described before. I was a little bit more successful this time around. I did manage to get the band a wee bit closer to my own lash line. Still, I had the same damn problem with the glue wanting to stick to my fingers. Mind you, I used the appropriate amount of glue and waited the allotted 30 seconds to let it get tacky. I finally got the band to set to the best of it's capability. I took a look in the mirror (Yes, I was using the mirror during the whole ordeal) at the final look. Um, it was an utter fail. To look at it, you would think a four year old applied my falsies. Not only that, but the weight and feel of the falsies was absolutely horrendous. I could hardly lift my eyelids. They were being weighed down that much. Yeah, it was probably due to not being to use to them. Guess what? I will probably never get use to that feeling. Oh, and it took at least 20 minutes to do one freaking eye. So that's 40 minutes alone, just to apply false lashes. Um, as a mom to two young ones. I don't have that luxury of time. So, yeah, no more falsies for me. Watch, I will have the desire again, in five years, and make another attempt and remember why I hate false lashes. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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